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Making the “Major” Decision

I am a sophomore and I still don’t know what I want to major in, HELP!

This statement is one of our most frequently heard at the Career Center. Many students begin their university studies without any idea about their intended major, and that is perfectly normal! Even students who begin at university with a selected major find themselves re-evaluating their choice. As a matter of fact it is estimated that  80% of students will change their major at least once during their undergraduate experience! When it comes to choosing a major, students should take time for serious self-reflection, using all available resources. The choice of a major undoubtedly is one that will have the most influence on the success of your undergraduate experience.

Some resources that may be useful include WCIDWAMI cards. These are cards available at our office or online, that represents a major offered at UNC Charlotte. These cards hold information about what the major is, what career options there are for students with that major, and resources about joining professional associations!

The UCC also offers four self assessments, Focus-2, Bridges, the Strong Interest Inventory, and the Myers-Brigg Type Indicator. These assessments are designed to better help students understand themselves in relation to specific areas of study and career paths.

Both Bridges and Focus-2 are online career exploration and planning programs. Focus-2 helps you better recognize your values, interests, and abilities through a series of questions. Students can also use Focus-2 to explore all majors offered at UNC Charlotte, as well as more than 800 career options. Both Bridges and Focus-2 are open to all UNC Charlotte students, but are particularly useful for freshman, sophomore and transfer students. Both of these online assessments provide you with results immediately; however it is recommended that you make an appointment with your Career Advisor to discuss the results in more detail.

The Strong Interest Inventory (Strong) and the Myers Brigg Type Indicator (MBTI) In order to take this assessment, students are strongly encouraged to come in for a drop-in BEFORE taking the assessment. This is recommended so that students can have an initial consultation and be advised to take the assessment best suited for them. These two assessments require that students make an appointment with their Career Advisor, or attend a designated workshop, in order to get the results. These two assessments not only indicate what field of study may be of interest, but also what type of work environment you would prefer. The Strong and MBTI also provide students with insight into their own personality and preferences.

These are just a few ways that students can explore major options through the Career Center! The most important thing for students to remember is that you should choose a major that fits best with your values, abilities and interests. Once you’ve figured out what those values, abilities and interests are, the choosing of a major is a lot less daunting.  -ebs

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