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Hitting the Net: NinerJobNet

What services do you have to help students find jobs/internships?

With Winter Break and December graduation quickly approaching more and more students are worrying about finding work. Lets face it, finding a job in this economy is no easy task, however, the University Career Center (UCC) strives to help students make the task less stressful and more efficient.

One of our most popular services offered at the Career Center is NinerJobNet. This is an online job database, that hosts job shadowing opportunities, internships, co-ops, and part/full-time job postings. The best part of this database is that it is ONLY open to UNC Charlotte students and alumni (up to 3 years after graduation). So, instead of competing with thousands from all over the company, students compete against a much smaller pool of candidates. Also, employers who use this database are specifically looking for UNC Charlotte students!

NinerJobNet also hosts JLD listings. JLD stands for Job Location and Development. These are part-time positions offered to CURRENT UNC Charlotte students, which do not relate to students’ majors. These jobs can range from marketing work, retail, to working in the restaurant industry. This is a great tool for students who want to pick up some extra money.

Through NinerJobNet students can explore various career opportunities by interviewing and observing employers. This available to students using our Career Prospector (job shadowing) program. Students with NinerJobNet access can sign-up with employers who are willing to host students. While this is a fantastic learning opportunity for students, it is also a great way to network! It is well-known that networking is one of the best (and easiest) ways to find and land job opportunities.

Students can also use NinerJobNet when searching for internship opportunities. By participating in career-related internships, students can earn an addition $5-$10,000 on their starting salary! Internships are found using our NinerJobNet database, as part of our Experiential Learning Program (EL). These internships DO NOT count for course credit (those internships are handled through your academic department), however these internships can be put on your transcript as an “official” internship. Some internships are paid, while others are not based on the employer. These opportunities are always open to UNC Charlotte students, and it is just a matter of looking for an internship that fits your intended career path. It is important to remember that internships can often lead to full-time work! 

The database also houses a ton of full-time work opportunities. Employers are eager to hire UNC Charlotte students. Many of these employers attend our job fairs, as well as participate in On Campus Interviews. By signing up for NinerJobNet, you will have access to the job opportunities and you can sign up for On Campus Interviews!

NinerJobNet requires that student attend an orientation session, either online or in our office. Once students have completed the orientation, their account with NinerJobNet will be activated. Once enrolled, student can upload their resume and begin searching for opportunities! It’s a great resource that can really make the job/internship search much less intimidating and frustrating. Casting a wide net is vital in a tough economy, so use all of the resources available! ebs

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