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Social Network Takeover … Job Search Makeover!!!

By: LaShauna Harris         

Are you overwhelmed with your job search because of large career sites and the endless hours of searching? Well, no worries… the days of overpopulated job boards are over; we are now in the age of the social network takeover! As college students, we use social networks for nearly everything these days and can barely pull ourselves away to get things done. Fortunately, employers are evolving with us and making the job search process more convenient than ever before-hence the job search makeover.

Many of today’s most prominent employers such as Deloitte, Bank of America, and ADP are slowly retreating from traditional recruiting practices and investing more into social recruiting.  This recruiting approach utilizes sites like Linked In, Facebook and Twitter to search, screen, and connect with possible candidates.

How are the social networks used?

  • Job openings are posted/ tweeted
  • A recruiter or rep may offer responses to questions about positions or hiring processes
  • Employers don’t hesitate to contact good candidates that they find via social networks
  • Employers may use networks in screening potential hire
  • Some jobs can be applied for directly from social networking sites

There are many advantages to job searching through social networks for both you and the employer, but the most important is, of course, the increasing connections being made.

So how do YOU start connecting?

  • First, clean up your page! Remove any content that would be deemed explicit or inappropriate by an employer.
  • Update your resume and build a list of potential employers and positions of interest.
  • Log in, find employers sites, and do what you do best… NETWORK!

Social networking is no longer a distraction from your job search; it is a part of your job search. Make your next wall post or tweet a step toward career success!!!

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  1. I recommend http://jobs.trovit.com for the job search 🙂


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