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Be a Self-Starter!!!

By: Lashauna Harris

Ever start a new job and although you had a bit of training, you didn’t quite know what to do with yourself? You say to yourself “I’ve finished everything I was asked to do, what do I do now?” We’ve  all been there, but honestly it’s not a good look. The remedy to that problem is to be a self- starter. One of the most important qualities to possess in the workplace today is self-sufficiency. What is it? To be self-sufficient is to be efficient in working without the help from others. It doesn’t mean that you can’t ask for help or work with others (after all being team-oriented is also of value), but it is important that your performance is not reliant on anyone else, not even your boss!

Being a self starter does mean carrying greater responsibility, but don’t be too alarmed! On those days where you can barely lift a finger to file another paper, THERE IS STILL HOPE. Being self-sufficient gives you the satisfaction of knowing that once you do everything you HAVE to do you’re free to do what you WANT to do, pertaining to your job of course.  You will definitely have a greater sense of job satisfaction due to taking a more active role on the job.

How do you become a self –starter?

  •  Take Initiative

See what needs to be done and do it. Don’t be afraid to take action without being told.  Get ahead and learn new things while you’re at it.

  •  Show Creativity

Put a twist on things. Do your job in new and improved way. Don’t take too big of a risk but remember, many times “risk =reward.”

  •   Intrapreneurship

No, not entrepreneurship –INTRAPRENEURSHIP: behaving like an entrepreneur within a larger organization. Be an employee that is growth-oriented and innovative inside the company giving you the reward with little of your own risk.

It may all sound a bit cliché but it’s what employers want to see, so make sure you strive to be… A SELF STARTER!!!

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