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UCC + Internships + Experience = SUCCESS!

By: Sara Ingram

Internships…why should you have one? Where can you find one? What in the world do you do with one? If there is anyone on campus who can explain every little detail about an internship, 49ership, or co-op, it’s the career advisors in the UCC! So why is an internship worth your time? A survey of the 2009 graduating class of UNC Charlotte showed that those who participated in our Experiential Learning program were twice as likely to be employed prior to graduation, they found positions that were more related to their major, they were more satisfied with their post grad employment, and they had an average starting salary over $4,500 higher than those who did not participate. Not only does the EL program of the UCC help to improve your post-grad situation, it helps guide you to find what it is you want to do in the long-run. My junior year, I was ready to look for my first internship. I had only held one job prior to my internship search. I wasn’t sure what realm of marketing most interested me, so I jumped onto NinerJobNet and shot my resume out to almost every business-related internship. I received multiple interview offers and a job offer at the first interview I participated in. This process as a whole took maybe about three weeks; it was so easy and simple! I gained valuable experience not only in job searching and interviewing, but also in a corporate office setting. My internship was in sales and it taught me that I wanted to find a job as far away from sales as I couldJ. But it also taught me how to conduct myself in a professional environment, critical customer service skills (something we here like to call a “transferrable skill” that’s applicable to pretty much every job market), and great time management skills. Internships and 49erships are a way to learn how the real world works with an aide always by your side and plenty of help along the way. These are the best and most appropriate times to ask as many questions as possible to help you learn numerous skills, trades, and abilities. You can make the most of your internship by 1) giving it your all, 2) taking in every tip and all advice offered, 3) accepting all criticisms or praises as constructive, 4) asking every question you could ever think of, and 5) not being afraid of what you don’t know. Now come visit us in the UCC and learn how to find that internship, 49ership, or co-op that will guide you and help make your future as bright as possible! We hold drop-in hours Monday, Tuesday, and Friday from 10am – 2pm, Wednesday and Thursday from 11:30am – 3:30pm, and extended evening hours on Tuesdays from 5pm – 6pm!  And be sure to mark your calendar for Friday, February 11 for the UCC’s Experiential Learning Fair. Here you’ll meet many employers who are looking for UNC Charlotte students specifically! They’ll offer you internship, co-op, and part time job opportunities. It’s your one-stop-shop to search, network, and land that job that’s going to teach you more than you could ever imagine!

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  1. Andy I.

     /  October 22, 2010

    Great article! As a business owner, I can tell you that any job experience gained prior to graduation is a definite plus on a resume. High school jobs are great experience, but we’re more interested in seeing what you’ve done that is related to your major.


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