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Maximize your career success with the: Career Success Certificates Program

By: Lashauna Harris


What is it?

Many students are looking for a sure- fire way to maximize their career success and the Career Success Certificates Program does just that. Students are aligned to complete several career developmental activities through the University Career Center and campus partners in exchange for a certificate that not only rewards them for their commitment, but can also be listed on their resume. The Career Success Certificates are a great way to begin setting yourself apart from the rest and create a competitive advantage for you in the job market.

The Certificates…

ASSESS: This certificate track will allow you to learn more about yourself and your career aspirations, while doing some very important goal-setting.

EXPLORE: This certificate track sets you up to learn more about your future career options by simply exploring what’s out there.

EXPERIENCE: This certificate track is where you will begin to gain more career-related experience making you more marketable.

TRANSITION: This certificate track prepares you to take action for what’s next (job, grad school, etc.).

What does it require?

Basically, students will complete activities (campus events, internships, career counseling, etc.) as outlined in the Menu of Activities, obtaining signature verification for each activity on the participant score sheet. The great thing about the program is that there are no deadlines! Students can work toward the certificate at their own pace, or even choose to work toward more than one. This program was redesigned to be flexible and personalized in the sense that each student creates their own path to completion.

Not hooked yet?

Visit  career.uncc.edu for more information and review the program FAQ\’s.

Where to sign up?

Just complete our Registration Form!

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