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Questions to Ask in an Interview

Written & Posted by:  Rachel Williams

Candidates interviewing for part-time, internship, and full-time positions:

It’s inevitable. At the end of every interview you’ll ever have, it can almost always be guaranteed that you’ll be asked the question, “Do you have any questions?” One of the worst responses you can give is, “Nope.”

So, let me help you in preparing some appropriate, insightful questions to give in response…

“What are some of the day-to-day activities you do?”

This opens the conversation to allowing the interviewer to talk about themselves (which everyone loves to do). 

“Where is the person who held this position last?”

This will give your interviewer the opportunity to talk about the traits they are looking for specifically, and what traits they see as unacceptable. 

“What are the most important strengths an individual needs to succeed in this job?”

The answer to this question will help you identify the key characteristics of their ideal candidate for you. 

“Why do you enjoy working at this company?”

The answer to this question will help you discover the company’s culture and if the interviewer is sincerely enthusiastic about the company of which you might become an employee.

“How would my work be evaluated?” or “What are some of the goals and expectations for the person in this position?”

This will help you understand the priorities and what is really important about the position.

“What are this position’s biggest challenges?”

Figure out the negatives of the position while making yourself appear ready to tackle them all.

“How did you get into this company/position?”

Your interviewer’s experience within the company can give you an idea of what it takes for advancement and the amount of time it could possibly take.

“Where do you see this company in 5-10 years?”

Gain insight about where your job could be in the future, and what big changes to expect.

“What is the next step in this interview process?”

This should always be one of your final questions; and asking it in this way will get you the answer you which you’re looking. 

Source:  http://www.stumbleupon.com/su/5h2vwy/sg.finance.yahoo.com/news/The-10-Best-Questions-to-Ask-usnews-2747145938.html%253Fx%253D0

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