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Résumé looking a little dull? Check out these ideas!

-Sara Ingram

Over the course of my time spent working in the Career Center, I’ve seen many different résumés. There are those students who have held numerous jobs throughout their school careers and there are others who are just starting out. As a freshman, it is not at all unusual to not have work experience to list on a résumé. It’s ok!!! This is understandable. If you find yourself in this position, no matter your age, it’s time to get creative and turn to other outlets! On the other hand, if you’ve had multiple positions, including new outlets to show leadership and involvement on your résumé will allow you to present yourself as a well-rounded candidate. Work experience is not the only way to a potential employer’s heart, being diverse in your activities makes your résumé attractive and intriguing!   

How can you show involvement and leadership on your résumé without relying on jobs?? First, have you checked out the many Student Organizations on campus? At UNC Charlotte, there are over 325 registered Student Orgs, such as Greek life, club sports, professional and academic groups, and multicultural organizations. With such an array, every student can find one that interests them. Majority of these organizations are free to join and meet on campus, making becoming a member extremely convenient. Not only do these organizations serve as résumé builders, but they also give you a chance to learn how to be a part of a team, how to be a leader, and meet a ton of new people. Becoming a member of the many diversified orgs allows you to learn our campus and our community in new ways. You can find a full list of the Student Organizations at http://studentorgs.uncc.edu/registrations. I urge you all, at least give one a try!!!

Another great way to become involved is through volunteering. There are endless opportunities for volunteering in Charlotte, but there is a Volunteer Outreach group right here on campus! Through the volunteer office, you will find ways to become involved in the community and also on campus. If you sign up to receive the Volunteering Outreach newsletter, you’ll receive weekly emails with new opportunities both on and off campus. There is no obligation to fulfill a certain number of trips or sessions, you simply participate when you can! Volunteering looks great on any résumé for any job or industry. Being a volunteer shows that you are motivated, determined and a go-getter. It also shows that you feel a sense of responsibility and are willing to give up your time to better your community and help others in need. What employer wouldn’t want those qualities in a job applicant? Check out Volunteer Outreach Services at http://dso.uncc.edu/volunteer/.  

So, if you feel like you’re stuck in a rut or you just need that one more résumé boost, get creative! Look to different outlets on campus and within the community that pull you out of your comfort zone. Not only will your résumé benefit, but your mind and body will to!

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