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Staying Positive in a Sea of Uncertainty

It seems as though this year, like the previous, is turning out to be another negative job market. According to Gallup polls, unemployment is currently at 9%, while underemployment is at 18.1%. This can be extremely frustrating for students who are working hard towards a career! But even with all the negative media, it is important to remember the positives and look at how you can use them towards your goals.

On August 23rd, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics ranked North Carolina as No. 37 among the 50 States in employment growth. This past year, North Carolina added 4,400 jobs. So in terms of the job market-North Carolina is slowly working its numbers back up.  This is great! It may not seem like a lot, but, any growth is enough to present opportunities.

 Second positive is that many employers are hiring based on previous internships. If you are a hard-working intern and employers enjoy working with you, then the likelihood of a job with that employer or with another, upon graduation, is higher. According to NACE, employers responding to their Internship and Co-op Survey said that an average 39.1 percent of their 2010 entry-level hires came from their own internship programs. I know many students hear this a lot, but internships or some form of career-related “work experience” really is key when you graduate.  So if you’re struggling trying to find a full time job, switch gears and search for an internship. You never know what may come out of it.

Finally, if you’ve exhausted all of your resources and you’re feeling like there is no hope; my final advice is Plan B. It is always important to have a backup plan, and, in a market filled with uncertainty, this is something to seriously consider. Talk to your career advisor and see what your options are. Look into you major and think outside the box. For example, if you’re an English major struggling to find a teaching position, look into tutoring, journalism, or government. There are plenty of people working in careers that aren’t the most obvious in regards to their major. Back up plans can be your best friend when the rest of your outlooks are not so positive.

So lets’ recap! 1.) North Carolina’s job market is growing. 2.) Many employers are looking for new hires based off internships- so reshape your plan to include this. 3.) Finally, always have a backup plan. Good luck this year in beginning your careers and always stay positive!

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  1. Your blog has the same post as another author but i like your better.

  2. Thanks moncler! Keep on alert for my follow up to this post called plan b- should be up in a week and a half


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