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Placing Values in Your Job Search

By: LaShauna Harris

Did you know that finding the right job starts with finding yourself? With the economy in its current state the priority in our job search has dwindled down to just securing a decent income.  There is not as much concern about finding a job that is major related, with growth opportunity, or with the right company, but what has really been lost by the wayside are values. Yes, values! Your beliefs, attitudes, and principles are a major factor in determining your success within an organization.

Failure to align your values with those of your workplace can be a direct path to dissatisfaction, disengagement, and distress which can manifest in the following ways:

Dissatisfaction: Negative attitude, bad relationships with co-workers, feelings of inadequacy

Disengagement: Loss of productivity, attendance issues, undermining the work of others

Distress: loss of temper, frustration, termination

How do you avoid it? First, figure out what your values are by clicking on the link below and taking the values assessment brought to you by Liftoff Leadership . You want to be aware of the values and principles that define you as a person and ultimately an employee. Talk to a career advisor about what’s important to you in a career and how to include that in your job search will also help you clarify them.

Next, during your job search be sure to research the core values, mission/values statements of the organizations you’re applying to. This will enable you to match your values to that of the companies.

Also, a way to better assess company values is to ask the employees to describe the organization and its culture during a networking event or interview. An answer from an actual employee’s perspective will account for differences or changes in values/culture throughout the organization.

 Now you are fully equipped to make an employment decision that takes your values into account and determine what’s truly a good fit for you. Trust me, getting it right in the beginning will lead to a long and satisfying career!

Now, I know what you’re thinking. It’s a recession…we have to take what we can get! That is not an excuse, at least for UNC Charlotte students. This semester, our University Career Center has had more job postings, more on-campus recruiting, and the biggest career expo of the last three years.  Forty-Niners are in the perfect position to place values in their job search.



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  1. Great tips! The job search process really is essentially a job in and of itself. If people work at it 40 hours a week, it can happen for most people much quicker


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