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Some Productive Ways to spend part of your Holiday Break

By: LaShauna Harris


Seasonal Employment/ Mini Internships

During break everyone will be out and about doing their holiday shopping and taking vacation time to spend with family. This is the perfect time for you to step in and pick up the slack. Nearly every retailer has begun hiring seasonal workers to support an increase in their customer base. Also, other employers may need assistance around the office to accommodate for absent employees. Start applying for these positions immediately! Feel free to begin by registering for the Job Location and Development (JLD) Program to look into jobs that are already posted. They will be excellent experiences for building your resume and an opportunity to gain those transferrable skills. On top of that, securing one of these positions may provide you with cash to join in on the “holiday madness” for yourself.

Volunteer Work

Winter is the period where your time and resources will be most valuable to a charity of your choice. Places like soup kitchens, homeless shelters, hospitals, animal shelters, and nursing homes will be glad to take on volunteers for the holidays. Volunteer Experiences make for excellent resume builders. Employers love to see that you are contributing your free time and skills to benefit an organization.

Job Shadowing

Spending a day with a professional who works in your field of interest is one of the best ways to gage your fit for a given position. With school, work, and other activities going on it may have been difficult to find time for job shadowing this semester. That’s o.k.; we have two holiday breaks ahead of us that can be utilized by taking advantage of job shadowing. Check out NinerJobNet for opportunities that are currently listed. You can also find your own opportunities by talking to people in your hometown while you’re spending some time there. This is an easy form of networking that can lead to job shadowing and many other opportunities for career development.


I’m sure we’ve all heard of the saying “It’s not about what you know, but who you know.”  This saying is extremely true when it comes to your job search and career development, because the key to these processes is NETWORKING. Making sure you’re connecting with people that can connect you with other people or opportunities of interest will take you far. You can start with friends of the family and even your parent’s colleagues. Holiday parties will be the perfect time to take start networking and letting the people around you know what your career ambitions are.

I assure you that following this advice and dedicating a few days during the holidays will pay off in the end. Well Niners, enjoy your break, stay productive, and Happy Holidays!!!!

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