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Wake Up! It’s Mock Interview Time!

With Mock Interview day approaching, I thought it would beneficial to write about interviewing. Then I realized that if you are reading this, you are probably reading lots of articles about interviewing-making another article about interviewing redundant. So, I thought it might be useful to tell you why I believe in mock interviewing- from a student’s perspective. 

Mock interviews, whether it is with an employer, peer, or career advisor, are a really great tool. In my year and a half at UNC Charlotte, I have participated in a ridiculous amount of real interviews with probably an equal amount of mock interviews. And with every interview I have only gotten stronger.  Practice makes perfect. After every interview I analyze everything that I said, the recruiter said, etc. and rate myself. However, one thing you will never receive after a real interview is that same analysis from the recruiter.   This, friends, is the beauty of mock interviews.

Now, I know we all think we are pretty amazing. And we are right in thinking so. Not many people can handle school schedules, homework schedules, work schedules, and extracurricular activities. We are a driven generation!  But, if you have not practiced, all those crazy things that you are working for/with become irrelevant. Mock interviews allow you to screw up when it doesn’t count. This is why they are important. Its crazy how even the simplest question, such as “what is your strengths/weakness?” can really set someone back, including me. I did not know how to answer that question properly. But, in my mock, the advisor who was interviewing me helped me answer that question afterwards, and in the end, when I was asked that same question in a real interview, when it counted, —I nailed it!

Another great aspect of mock interviews is you learn the art of interviewing- and believe me it’s truly an art.  You learn how to structure your answers; you learn some of the tricks that recruiters will pull, etc. You can learn all of this in a real interview-but let’s be honest, do you REALLY want too when there is a great job or internship at stake?

What does this all mean? TAKE ADVANTAGE OF MOCK INTERVIEW DAY!!! This is a FREE opportunity to interview with real employers and then get critiqued.

So, for those of you who are living under a rock that has become school work, here is EVERYTHING you need to sign up:

When: Friday, February 3rd from 8am-5pm

Where:  Cone Center Lucas Room

How: Log into your NJN account- if you don’t know what this is you really need to go the Career Center

        Under upcoming interviews, select mock interview day (make sure you have a resume already uploaded)

                Find your employer- hit apply- submit resume and Bang! You are now one step closer to actually getting a job after graduation.

But hurry-space is limited and sign-ups end February 1!

-Mercedes Fiorillo

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