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My Objections about Objectives!

– by Mercedes Fiorillo

Most students do not understand what an objective is. An objective is a tool that the resume builder can use to showcase their wants, goals and skills for applying to a certain position. Typically students will understand that part but then create something like this: “Accounting student looking for an internship in audit that will utilize my analytical, excel and communication skills.”

Honestly, this tells me nothing and is a waste of space. It comes across mundane, unoriginal and the last thing it makes me want to do is hire you.  And no, even if you specify which company- it makes no difference- there is still no personality. Your resume is suppose to be a showcase of YOU and like I said in my last post- you are pretty awesome. So how do we turn your drab objective (if you even use one) into something fabulous?

Career Advisor Lenore Webb has a few thoughts on that matter:  “The balance to achieve in an objective is to briefly share what kind of position you are seeking with what kind of employer, followed by what you bring to the employer… [This can include] skills and qualities that make you stand out and offer what the employer needs, such as goal-directedness….”  

So what would this look like: To obtain a full-time interpreter position with Mecklenburg County Government where I hope to contribute a multicultural perspective and fluent German language skills.

This is a lot better! It shows me what you have to offer and bit of your personality with it. I like to think of the objective as a mini cover letter. When you don’t include one, use this to showcase you. You would never write a mundane, typical cover letter- ( if you do come see us  at the career center) No- you write a marketing speech about yourself and why they should choose you over other candidates.  The objective works the same way! It can be more than one sentence and if you have too much to say then create the hybrid: aka summary section. This works like a cover letter but not as long, and not as short as an objective.

Whichever approach you  pick, be professional and be creative. It will be the first thing the employer sees, so make it worth something!

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