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Listen Up! It’s Career Expo time!

By: Mercedes Fiorillo

Why should you care about attending the Fall Career & Public Service Expo? School just started, there is too much to do- you don’t know what you want.  WRONG!!!! Take it from me, the earlier you start the better. 


You may not find a job– but you DO need to decide what you want to do. So, it would make sense for you to “scope out”   a career fair because you will know who is hiring what.  If there are specific companies you like- go up to them, talk to the recruiters and find out everything you need to know to get your foot in the door. This is your opportunity to be one step ahead of your classmates.


You may find a job. The Expo is for both internships and full-time jobs. Have your resume ready, dress to impress and have lots of good questions. Think of a sales pitch as to why you are a better candidate than your junior level classmates. Also, the same rule for the freshman applies to the sophomore. Find the companies you want to work for and learn how to work for them.


You should find a job or internship.  Internships are KEY this year, not only for experience, but because companies like to hire their interns after they graduate. Your internship employer already invested in you and, as long as you did a good job, they’d rather hire you vs. finding and testing a new person. Wouldn’t it be a great feeling to know you already have an internship before the semester is even over? And wouldn’t it be great to start your senior year with an internship under your belt AND a full-time offer? By attending the Expo you open this door.


You better find a job. This is your opportunity to find full-time employment when you graduate. You don’t want to be scrambling at the very end trying to study for finals and looking for a job.  Polish your resume, put on a suit (yes, suit), attend a mock interview, and do your research. This is your one shot to meet a massive amount of recruiters at one time looking to hire a UNC Charlotte student.  Many of them won’t return until next fall!

I took advantage of these opportunities when I first started at UNC Charlotte and it has opened a multitude of doors for me. I am one of the few that isn’t worried about finding a job when I graduate this December, and as long as you meet recruiters, find internships, etc.- you can be there too.  The Fall Career & Public Service Expo is September 12th (less than 3 weeks away) – see you there!

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