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5 Insight Tips for Career Success At UNC Charlotte

I’ve written many blogs over my time frame as a PCA and with this being my last, I really wanted to make this special. So, I compiled a list of what I think are the five most important steps for career success at UNC Charlotte. This is made up of the steps that I have taken, my friends, and other PCAs’ experience and general observations during my past two and a half years here.

1.)The first is making regular appointments with your Career Advisor. This is just as important as checking in with your academic advisor. Building a relationship with your career advisor will help them understand who you are and what you are looking for while assisting you in discovering what is available. This is the first thing I did when I transferred to UNCC.

2.)The second is taking the Strong and MBTI self-assessments. They help you realize what majors/careers you most likely will fit into as well as give insight into your personality that will help you when you start your first internship/job.

3.) Sign up for NinerJobNet/Experiential Learning and attend those Career Expos.  NinerJobNet is your internship kingdom. Get your resume critiqued, upload it on NJN and start applying. Career Expos are your one stop shop for recruiters. Over a hundred recruiters consistently come to the Career Expo’s to meet UNC Charlotte students and hire them.   I started following this my sophomore year and so did many other PCA’s and it helped us out when it came down to senior year and needing a job. The earlier you start the best chance you will have when you graduate.

4.) Practice, Practice, Practice at those mock interviews. There is no reason why you should go into an interview unprepared. The Career Center hosts a mock interview day with real-life recruiters in the spring, as well as offers mock interviews with graduate student interns and advisors. Also, there a tool on the website called Optimal Interview that allows you to watch yourself in a mock interview. Interviewing is an art and the more practice you get the better you will be when it counts.

5.) Always send a thank you! Many students do not realize the importance of a thank you card. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy- even a simple email.  By sending a thank you to recruiters that interview you or even the ones you meet at Expos, you are recognizing the time they are putting into the interview as well as keeping a positive note about yourself in their mind.


Thank you for reading my blogs throughout my time here and I wish you all the best in your career success.


Mercedes Fiorillo

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  1. Well now I can think of that freely mind after your creative post. I can see your experienced behind your successful and informative post.

  2. thank you!

  3. Rachel Williams

     /  November 1, 2012

    LOVE this! Another PCA success story, and great advice. 🙂 I strongly agree on all of the above.


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