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4 Ways to Have a Productive Summer

Summer will be here before we know it and employers look to see how students spend their time over the summer. Do you already have a plan to stay busy this summer? If not, here are four great way to spend your time, but also beef up your resume.

  1. Internships: Obtaining an internship for the summer is a great way to stay busy. With an internship you gain career-related experience while also networking with professionals in your field. Other benefits to having an internship include clarifying your future career goals and improving post-graduation job prospects because you develop the marketable skills employers are looking for. A great way to find a quality internship is through NinerJobNet, the University Career Center’s job database. The employers who post with us are looking for UNC Charlotte students and you won’t spend your summer making coffee runs; you’ll have actual work to complete and by the end of the summer you’ll have learned key information that will help you later on in your career! To get started complete the online orientation for NinerJobNet http://career.uncc.edu/njn-orientation and make sure to apply for the Experiential Learning Program http://career.uncc.edu/students/internships-49erships-co-ops/experiential-learning-el-orientation. NinerJobNet is not the only place to search for an internship, stop by the University Career Center and meet with your career advisor to come up with the best plan of action for you!
  2. Part-time Job: If an internship isn’t for you quite yet, then a part-time job is another option for your summer. Some great benefits that come with working throughout the summer are earning extra money, developing transferable skills to put on your resume, gain valuable professional experience, and connect with local employers. NinerJobNet is a valuable resource in finding a job, just like when searching for an internship. Employers are looking for student workers to do various jobs, whether it be working retail, waiting tables, or working within a corporation. There’s a vast variety of opportunities for you to choose from. To get started complete the online orientation for NinerJobNet http://career.uncc.edu/njn-orientation and then make sure to complete the JLD application http://career.uncc.edu/jld-registration.
  3. Study Abroad: For those who want the experience of studying abroad, the summer is a great time to do that. Yes, it’s for a shorter amount of time than a regular semester but it may have less effect on the time it takes you to graduate. Some benefits to studying abroad are knocking out a course or two while experiencing another culture and obtaining an experience that many others will not have.
  4. Summer Classes:Summer classes are another positive way to stay busy over the summer. If you need to catch up on credit hours or want to graduate early, summer classes are definitely something to consider. Personally, I’ve really enjoyed the classes I’ve taken over the summer. Yes you have to go to class almost every day, but you also get the course(s) out of the way in five weeks versus four to five months during a typical fall/spring semester.  Another thing to consider would be how challenging the course material is for you.  Often students will take a rather challenging course over the summer because it will be easier to focus on that course’s work specifically versus during a regular semester where you might be juggling four other courses.

When deciding how to spend your time over the summer remember this, from an employer’s perspective finding a way to maximize your down time in the summer is valued higher than a student using “summer break “ as a reason to take an exceptionally long break … and the time to start planning for it is now!

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