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How to survive your senior year of college: Seniors, your final semester is quickly approaching and this advice is perfect to include in your New Year’s Resolutions!

By: Stephanie Wimmer

Do not overuse the internet!
• With continuing advancements in electronics, our generation tends to become prone to using the internet above and beyond what is necessary to ensure career success. Even though many companies require online applications, don’t become resistant to making an impression in person or by phone contact. Online applications are submitted every day and standing out amongst the clicking madness is essential when determining whether you will be granted an interview. Students often aren’t aware that the best experiences attained generally come from networking. If your friend had a positive internship experience within a company that is of interest to you, ask them for a recommendation before submitting your application. You never know what might come from just having a mutual contact with the hiring supervisor for that organization. If you wait to be contacted by an employer you might fall into a slump of thinking that employers are not hiring which will prolong your wait for a career post-graduation.

Don’t limit yourself!
• We would all love our dream career making six figures and living it large as soon as we graduate, however, the reality is this is typically not the case. When contemplating different options, don’t turn down an opportunity or be unwilling to consider anything. Often we think we’re so certain of our likes and dislikes that we’re not willing to experience something we “know” we won’t like. However, just like when trying new foods, how can you be so sure that you don’t like something until you try it? When contemplating career possibilities be an open book. If you discover you don’t like the position after you have tried it, that’s one more thing you have learned about yourself that you didn’t know previously.

Utilize the Career Center!
• We say it over and over again. The career center is an excellent resource to use for professional development in the work force and senior year it is more important than ever before. When thinking of life after graduation there are several things to consider such as where you want to live, who you want to work for, how much money you want to be making, and how you can find a career that fits what you have chosen to major in. The career center is your one stop for career success and it is free (included in your tuition) to utilize all of the resources. Students who use the career center when preparing for interviews, writing resumes, and any other career development are more likely to land the job they have been seeking post-graduation. So next time you think you can do it just as well yourself, note there is always room for improvement, and come in and visit the experts. You’ll be several steps ahead when it comes to the impression you make towards potential employers!

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