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What Internship Week has to offer!

What Internship Week has to offer!

By: Stephanie Wimmer

Internship week is the week of February 4th– 8th this semester.  Internship week offers special programs on finding an internship, what to expect from an internship, what internship opportunities are out there, and more.  To find the times and locations of these events, check the online events calendar, on career.uncc.edu.   

Having an internship or multiple internships should be a must in everyone’s college career.  Don’t take the opportunities lightly.  Part-time internships can offer the same benefits as continuing to pursue your current job; however, with an internship you would be able to develop professional experience in a field more closely related to your long term career goals. Also, if you are thinking you would take on an internship, but you need the pay check from your current job, think again, because a lot of internships are paid!  Students who can list internship experience on their resume are preferred to those who cannot when it comes to landing full-time careers post-graduation.  Gaining experience through an internship is an invigorating experience. In a sense, you are having a trial round to see if this is the industry you want to continue working in.  It is also great to know that you are not stuck there if you decide something else would be better. The sooner you get hands-on experience, the better.  Participating in 2 internships and taking Chemistry courses my freshman year of college and realizing that was the ultimate wrong field of study for me was perfect timing. On the other hand, if I had waited until my senior year to test the waters with an internship, it is extremely likely that I would be in school an extra two years beginning a new major. I was able to redirect my course schedule, visit the career center, and get on my new track without delaying my graduation. Quite possibly a full-time position could be offered with the same organization post-graduation, pending the completion of your internship.  Taking the time to participate in internships before you graduation could save you a couple years of searching.  Consider an internship an educational opportunity outside of the classroom. When you begin, go in open-minded, and note that no matter what you learn about yourself, good or bad, hate the internship or love it, you’ll still complete it knowing more about yourself and your work environment interests than you did before you began.

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