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Finals are just around the corner!

By: Stephanie Niten

                Well it’s that time of year again 49ers: Finals week! We are in the home stretch for summer, but before we can get that far, we have to get past all of those dreaded final exams that we have heard about all semester long.  Now I know you all are very “excited” about these finals, but calm yourselves.  I know that we all have those last-minute projects and tests to worry about right now, so who has time to worry about finals?! Here are a few tips to help you manage your time throughout these last couple weeks left of school.

  1. 1.       Don’t procrastinate!-This is one of the main things that I have the most trouble with.  Finals don’t start until May 3rd, so why should I worry about them now?   The truth is that if you start organizing your study schedule now and planning out what subjects you will study on what days, you will more than likely not be under as much stress!  
  2. 2.       Don’t stress! – Speaking of stress, we all know that this is very common among college students, especially when it comes to finals time.  I know that it is almost impossible to not have at least a little stress this time of year (and trust me, I have had my fair share of it) but try not to let it consume you.  Just take the studying one day and one subject one at a time, and when it comes time to take the test, all you can do is try your best! If you find that you are to the point where you cannot think straight because of all of the stress that you are under, try taking a break and going for a walk; get in some different scenery for a few minutes.  Engage in a different activity to give your brain a rest and then come back to your studies.  When you come back to them, you will be refreshed and may actually get more done!
  3. 3.       Form study groups! – Most people study better when they are in a group.  If this is the kind of studying that you like, contact some of your friends in your classes that also like to study in groups, find a time between now and the time of the exam that works for everyone, and have a couple hours of going over the main highlights of the final exam material.  I know that this has worked out very well for me on past exams.  I have found that when I study in groups, I usually do better on the exam than when I have studied by myself.  When you are in a study group, you have other people to talk through the material with, and you get different viewpoints from everyone.  Who knows, you could even learn something new!

Well, there are three main tips that I had for finals week.  I know that these have helped me for past final exams, and I hope that they are as much help to you as they are to me.  I wish everyone good luck during finals week, and I hope everyone has a great summer!  

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