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Q: I have a second interview! What do I wear?

A: If a company has requested a second interview with you, you have done something right! Whether the interviewer was blown away by your resume, your style, or your personality (or all three), it’s just as important to make a lasting impression the second time you meet. Here are some details to keep in mind as you prepare your outfit for a second interview:

  • Do not wear the same suit twice! For many jobs, it’s appropriate to skip the blazer for the second interview. The exception would be corporate positions or workplaces where the dress code requires a suit every day (in which case, you would need more than one anyway!) With this being said, it’s still important that you’re dressed a few notches above everyone else.
  • Extras! We’ve all heard accessories and jewelry should be kept conservative for an interview (Men, this goes for you, too!) Does the rule change the second time around? Several websites agree that for the second interview, a statement piece (like a larger watch or chunky necklace) is okay in moderation. Stay away from excess bling, overly large pieces, or accessories that make a lot of noise (like chains or bangles).
  • Finally, the most important rule of all: you can disregard the rules! There are no hard-and-fast rules for how to dress for a second interview because different companies, organizations, and institutions have different dress codes. A job in fashion design is going to have a different dress code than a job in banking. Your best indicator of how to dress for a second interview is to be aware of how other people who already work at the company dress.  Pay attention during your first interview if it is held on-site: are employees more conservative, or do they wear fun pieces? Do you see a lot of polos and khakis, or slacks and button-ups? If you’re given some liberty with your wardrobe choices, you can show interviewers just how well you will fit into their company!x6wgos14
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