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Who is ready to graduate?!

By: Stephanie Niten

                I don’t know about the rest of you 49er seniors out there, but I am ready for graduation!  Soon the commencement ceremony for us December graduates will take place and we will be out in the “real world” looking for full time work. Whether or not you have started looking for jobs, here are a few tips to help you either continue or get your search geared up!

  • Sign up for NinerJobNet (https://unccharlotte.experience.com/experience/login).  Great opportunities with employers who are seeking out 49er students to fill their positions
  • If you are currently doing an internship, seek out job opportunities within that company.  Sometimes it is easier to find jobs with employers who already know you and your skill set.  However, there may not be any openings at the time, but it doesn’t hurt to at least ask and let them know that you are interested
  • Continue to put in applications.  I know it can get discouraging going from one place to the other doing interviews and then not getting the job, but don’t give up! There are jobs out there for all of us and just because you don’t get the first one that you applied for doesn’t mean that you should give up! It just means that there is something better out there for you

Hang in there! Deadlines are creeping up for final papers and projects, but we don’t have much longer! Get your caps and gowns ready, because graduation is just around the corner! I’m ready, are you?! 

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