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Attention Job Seekers!

Are you graduating soon? Are you looking for a full-time job where you can put your freshly learned skills to good use? If you answered ‘yes’ to either one or both of these questions, then the Career and Public Service Expo is the place you want to be on Thursday, September 12th in the SAC.  There will be over 130 employers there from 10-3 waiting to talk with you about what jobs they have to offer!  More importantly, they will be looking for ambitions students who are serious about finding a job, and they will be looking for skills that you can offer to them that they may be in need of within their workplace.  Here are a few tips on just how you can market yourself fully to these interested employers:

  • Bring your resume into the University Career Center
    • You can never have a paper critiqued too many times before you turn it in; the same goes for your resume.  It is always good to have your resume looked at as many times as you possibly can before you present it to an employer.  A new set of eyes each time is always good too, you never know what each person may find that you can make better.  Stop by during our drop-in hours; there is always room for improvement!
  • Create an elevator pitch
    • Along with presenting your skills on paper, it is also good to be able to express them briefly when actually talking to the employer.  This is usually done with something called an elevator pitch.  This is when you are able to take a couple of your best skills and describe them to an employer through a scenario in which you have used them in the past.  This can be tailored to specific jobs that you may be applying for that may be looking for different skill sets.  This is a great skill to have, so it is good to practice this with a few different skill sets that you think employers may be interested in.
  • Find your suit
    • Professional image is also a key factor when attending a Career Expo.  For men, this would include a nice suit (matching pants and jacket), a light colored collared shirt and a tie that matches (usually light or pastel colors, nothing bright!), and dress shoes.  For women, same rules for the collared shirt and suit, only you have the option of switching out the pants for a skirt.  Nice dress shoes as well (either solid color heels or flats).  As far as accessories, a watch is always good and a nice business bag (usually black) to carry items such as portfolios, resumes, employers’ business cards, etc. Ladies, no dangling jewelry!

Again, if you are looking for a job after graduation, I would highly recommend checking out the Career Expo.  You are not required to stay the full time, so everyone should come by to at least see what kinds of jobs out there just waiting for you! I know I will be there looking for job opportunities, so I hope to see you there!